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Eco-friendly Cleaning

For both people and the environment, we use non-harmful detergents for eco-friendly cleaning!

입주청소 클린콜

Cleaning the Coating

It's not a regular cleaning, it's a black hole coating.

Cleaning the coating on the surface of furniture, handprints, mirrors, glass, etc.

I do. That's a better quality cleaning up like that.

It's easier to take care of after work.


Remove drains, shelves, drawers, lights, etc. and clean them.

Choosing and throwing away unnecessary items in the house and wiping out dirty parts of the entire building is also a long-lasting life for the dwelling itself. Cleaning includes daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, monthly cleaning, and seasonal cleaning. In other words, there are places where you should not do it every day (room, floor, kitchen, porch, toilet), places where you can only do it a few times a week (application room, bathroom), parts that you only need to wax the floor once a month (waxing the floor, window cleaning), and parts that you only need to do it a few times a year (light, wall, ceiling). Therefore, it is important to plan the cleaning in advance so as not to put more effort into it. The cleaning plan will depend on the number of families, the composition of families, the state of residence and the environment.

Drain is used to clean with a cloth, sweep it with rain, and wipe it with a wet mop. However, if a new building or construction method is used to build a house, it will be difficult to preserve the building beautifully with the current method of cleaning. If the cleaning method is divided into large sections, it can be divided into dust-removing cleaning, used cleaning, polishing cleaning, and cleaning. Various convenient cleaning equipment are on the market, but it is not necessary to have them all. The general cleaning tools to be equipped are a collection, rain, garbage, mop, bucket, brush, electric vacuum cleaner, manual vacuum cleaner, etc., and various other polish, detergent, and medicine are required. Outdoor cleaning tools are convenient with sari, rake, shovel, and trash.

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